About Ellen

The joy of working with courageous clients ready to make a promise to themselves has led me to a new focus on the integration of holistic emotional wellness therapy, the exploration of personal spirituality and empowerment through the process of coaching.

I have created my practice with the intention of teaching others how to experience an exceptional life, through discovering the authentic self that may have been lost or hidden over time.

There has always been a part of me that has wanted to feel connected to others in a way that inspires them to be their best, to meet their potential. As I sought my own answers to how to have a life of satisfaction, I was encouraged to examine my life from the beginning, childhood to present. What I found confirmed that I had everything I needed from the start, that I was born with the essence of my purpose and it was mine to transform.

We are all born into our lives with this unique essence. We are all born into an imperfect world where our essence becomes tangled with the ideas of those around us. Our childhood caregivers have done the best they could at the moment to raise us. The people we have interacted with contribute their ideas about the world and about us. Life’s circumstances impact us with positives and negatives. We learn to survive, but maybe not with the best tools.

I want to share with you that I have been where you are now… carrying around a not-so-vague feeling of emptiness at the spiritual and emotional level that left me wondering if…

There really is more for me than what I am experiencing now.

There is something I am supposed to be doing, but I don’t know what it is.

There is someone I am supposed to be, but I don’t know how to find out who. All of this is leaving me confused…I have no choices.


Eventually, I had to admit that the only thing I had control over was a decision to change my life, to find out how to get that same joy all the time and how to help others find it. Because of this, I finally sought out resources that helped me start to make changes in my life that were down-right scary, but at the same time provided relief as soon as I started to address the issues and started the change process. I had tried many times on my own to make difficult personal changes, but I COULD NOT DO IT ALONE.

 I COULD NOT DO IT ALONEFinding a mentor and coach that could guide me through the personal and professional growth I needed to start a full time private practice allowed me to gain emotional fortitude needed for the challenge. Eventually, I took the final step of leaving my secure, yet unsatisfying, full time job and began to work full time as a holistic psychotherapist and life success coach.

Since then, I have been honored through the years to work with many people seeking a resource of support and guidance in creating a rewarding life. I has been and continues to be my delight to join with and facilitate the transformational process of these individuals.

My love of exploration and curiosity prompts me to continue to learn through professional education. This enables me to offer you up-to-date information and modalities of healing that will lead to the creation of Your Exceptional Life. I will be honored to work with you as you pursue your own transformation.

Joy and blessings to you, Ellen

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Your Exceptional Life holds for your future.

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