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What Was Your Best Summertime Memory?

Back in June, I challenged you to bring your inner child along on your summertime journey even if it was a stay-cation!  I would love to hear your stories about your summer to enjoy whatever tidbits of childlike fun and joy you experienced! Add your stories in the comments below!

My summer went faster than ever! We embraced our fourth grandchild, Jacob Shawn on July 23rd!

In August, I took a business trip to Scottsdale, Arizona to attend Jack Canfield’s Breakthrough to Success. Never having been there before, but hearing all about the Arizona weather, it was quite an experience…both the seminar and the weather! The scenery is beautiful and yes, it was hot, 115 degrees…it felt like standing in front of your open oven door! I highly recommend visiting Arizona though, the energy of that area, especially nearby Sedona, is quite invigorating, yet serene.

And another wonderful family gift of joy, our daughter Laura, is now engaged to her beloved Doug! So the wedding planning begins!

There were many other things that happened over the summer months, not all of them so happy. But, I point this out to you to first, let you know that I don’t have an idyllic life, it’s really probably pretty much like yours. Second, and most importantly, I want to share that I have finally learned over my 53 years, that when I dwell on the happy times, the not-so-happy times are less painful.

The biggest part of this learning is from my spiritual journey. I have learned the Serenity Prayer works! (See Exceptional Life Inspirations below for the link to the Serenity Prayer.) I have learned I have to let go of control. And most importantly, that God is in charge, no matter how much I plan in advance or think I have it all figured out.

So the challenge this month for you, my cherished friends and readers is to use the Serenity Prayer and spend some time daily with your God, getting to know God’s voice by listening for it and developing the greatest friendship you will ever have. God is the only person you can take to Heaven with you!

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Blessings to you, Ellen

Written by Ellen Marie Dumer, LCPC

Ellen M. Dumer, LCPC, is president and founder of Living Your Exceptional Life™, is a trusted expert in the field of transformational living and life success coaching. She is a guide and mentor for women seeking to harness and cultivate their personal and public leadership aspirations. Using her background as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, her continuing training in transformational co-active coaching with Mentor Coach, and her Master’s Degree at Loyola University in Maryland in the blending of spirituality and psychology, Ellen has developed a program that is both comprehensive and uniquely tailored to cultivate the best in each of her clients, one that encompasses spirit, body and mind.