Your Best Life Counseling

How You Can Make Sure You Are as Happy as Possible in ANY Circumstance!

Are you living the life that you always imagined?
the life you are stuck with?

Do you keep wondering if there something better waiting for you?
thinking that you have lost your chance?

Do you feel like you are experiencing the greatest of life’s pleasures possible
are you watching others have the fun you would like to be having?

Are you willing to settle for “everything’s fine”
are you ready for everything you deserve?

YOUR BEST LIFE is waiting for you!

The topic of happiness has become more popular than ever lately. A few years back, Martin Seligman, founder of Positive Psychology started talk about his ideas on the ability to be happy. More recently, Gretchen Rubin released a New York Times best seller called “The Happiness Project” about her experiences of trying out the wisdom of the ages on happiness.

Now, all of this media coverage on happiness could make you grateful.
BUT, more likely,

it has left you with an even more certain knowledge that

Guess what. You CAN change that!

Ellen Dumer, LCPC, holistic psychotherapist and founder of Your Best Life CounselingWelcome to Your Best Life Counseling. I am Ellen Dumer, LCPC, a holistic psychotherapist and founder of Your Best Life Counseling.

I have also been where you are now. Carrying around this not-so-vague feeling that

“there really is more for me that what I am experiencing now. There is something I am supposed to be doing, but I don’t know what it is. There is someone I am supposed to be, but I am not giving her a chance.”

Because of this, I finally started to make changes in my life that were down-right scary, but at the same time provided relief as soon as I started the change process. It is the reason I am at this place in my life, wanting to help you gain the same JOY that I am experiencing.

Using traditional therapy and holistic practices that promote emotional, spiritual and physical health, my work uses the process of therapeutic counseling, adds valuable guidance and easily learned tools that address all aspects of the client-selected Barriers to a Best-Life and assists the client in developing their own Best Life Plan™.

Let’s face it…while we watch others with envy, do we really want their life?
Probably NOT!

You want YOUR LIFE
without the current problematic issues that seem to return over and over again.

You may have tried therapy, counseling, and medications. You may have made drastic changes to your relationships, careers, or even to your physical body, thinking

“this will be what finally works!”

Only to be disappointed, disillusioned and depressed when your dream is lost…again.

We all need help. It is OKAY to need…to WANT help.

We are CREATED to need each other to meet our potential.

I experience my clients as whole persons, not just the issues they bring. My holistic approach allows me to view you as you were created to be, a spiritual being having a human experience with the richness of emotions.

During our struggles we become disconnected. Many of my clients explain this experience as stress, grief, anxiety, depression, loneliness, anger or discontentment.

Some cannot even give their emotion a name.

But they certainly know they ARE NOT HAPPY.

Without attention to all our parts, we suddenly realize that life is just not fun anymore.

We don’t know what happened.

Frequently, we will blame someone or something else for our state of being. We may become hopeless and feel that everything is falling apart because we are somehow ‘not good enough’.

We make decisions while in this ‘state of confusion’ that are not in our best interest.

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